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Welcome to Mojo Yoga

I’ve been practicing yoga since having my first son (who is now 29!). Up until then I’d been racing through a hectic career in advertising, film, television and music. I’ve always loved being constantly busy and still find it hard to sit for long (unless the sun is shining and I've a glass of wine in my hand!) but I’ve come to realise how important it is to stop, reflect and recognise the richness life has to offer, even if it is just for a few moments!

The stresses and strains that we all put ourselves under nowadays are so easily ignored. We simply don’t have the time to notice how we’re coping physically and mentally with so much going on all the time. But it’s especially because of this that we should all (young and old) take a moment to listen to our bodies and think about how we’re coping. We can all benefit from just taking a bit of time out and you’ll probably find, particularly those of us getting that little bit older, that you could really benefit from paying some well-earned attention to yourself even if it’s only for an hour!

Sadly no longer a spring chicken, and never having been as flexible as others, I’m not going to be the teacher showing off extraordinary contortions and standing on my head – although believe me I wish I could! I can however show you practical and achievable yoga postures and will guide you through a practice which will help you physically, mentally and emotionally. I teach with compassion and can tailor my lessons for those who need a bit of extra TLC. I teach a modern approach to the classic yoga postures with modifications for those who need extra support physically. I teach Chair Yoga for those less able. As a qualified Relax & Renew ® teacher I am also able to provide private Restorative Yoga lessons for clients seeking specific mental, physical and spiritual support.


I believe yoga is for all - no matter what age, level of experience, fitness or ability.

"My intention is to enable clients to leave my classes feeling calm, steady, recharged and able to deal with whatever worries, concerns or challenges they may have to face. And to give people the opportunity to just take a bit of time for themselves."


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