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Restorative Yoga for Deep Relaxation

“Restorative yoga is the use of props to create positions of ease and comfort that facilitate relaxation and health. It offers the body a chance to rest deeply and revitalise” [1].

How common is it now to hear a colleague, friend or member of the family say, “I’m feeling so stressed at the moment”, in fact when was it that you last said it yourself? Betting’s on it’s quite recently.

There’s no getting away from the fact that we are living in an exhaustingly demanding and time-pressured world. The effects of stress have reached epidemic proportions in our lives, and stress-related diseases have become a medical specialty.

The antidote to stress is relaxation.

Relaxation is one of the most important practices to learn for mental, physical and spiritual well-being. It also has marked physical and psychological benefits like lowering blood pressure and elevating and stabilising mood.

I offer private Restorative Yoga lessons for up to two people. The lessons last 75 minutes. Before the lesson, I will have a quick chat with you to discuss what it is you’d like to focus on, how you’re feeling physically, mentally and/or emotionally, and whether there is any issue you’d like to address specifically. Typical issues that arise vary from Anxiety; Fatigue; Insomnia; PMT/ Menopause; Lower Back Pain, Headaches; Jet Lag. I will then put together a tailored lesson and provide all the props you will need to relax into these poses with complete ease and comfort, which will allow you to relax deeply for anywhere between 5 – 20 minutes depending on the pose. You’re welcome to come to me or lessons can be arranged at your home if more convenient.

[1] Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T., author of Relax and Renew, Restore and Rebalance

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