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Susan Perrin

Absolutely love this class.  Patsi is so encouraging and patient and makes you really believe in yourself.  She is so helpful and resourceful if you have any injuries or issues.  Thoroughly recommend.


Patsi provides warm and friendly classes which makes yoga good fun.

Clare Richardson

I attend Patsi's Monday afternoon class.  Great to be back again, she is such an excellent teacher for all ages and abilities.  Always makes you feel you have achieved a lot!!


Love that we are back at yoga with Patsi.  I did some yoga 20 years ago, but not since, so my body really needs to be doing something.  She is incredibly patient and walks around the room to adjust any positions we haven't got quite right and ensures we are doing nothing to cause ourselves any injury.  As a golden oldie with knee issues, she can always come up with alternative moves or ideas to try so we can still take part.  I can't praise or thank her enough.

Jane Warren

My journey in yoga to Patsi has taken me around 8 years.  I have been searching for a teacher who teaches more than putting our bodies into shapes, but the original yoga which consists of harmony in the mind, body and environment.

A guru: described by Sadhguru is a dispeller of darkness and this is my experience practising yoga with Patsi.

My body is healing, my mind finds peace and I find it supports me in my place in the world.

Not bad for an hour a week.

Thank you Patsi, I knew I would at the right time in the right place find the right teacher for my physical, mental and spiritual journey.

Rosie Beech

Highly recommend mojoyoga and the amazing Patsi, it is without doubt the highlight of my week as I'm transported away from all the stress of everyday life.  A mixture of poses that stretch your tired body but also the meditative experience that soothes your mind.  Patsi is a kind and inspiring yogi master.

Janet Philip

I really love Patsi's classes and I'm always astonished at the gentle, safe way she guides you to do postures you would never have thought possible.  Every person in the class is encouraged to progress at their own pace without ever feeling pressured.

Abs Forster-Brown

Best part of my week!  Always stuggle to achieve calmness but on a Saturday morning, with the sun on my face and Patsi's guidance it's like all the tranquility is restored.  It's a gentle workout but you're given the chance to try new poses that push you, all while remaining in touch with how your body is feeling.  I leave feeling a more wholesome person and ready to take on a new week.  Strongly recommend.

Michelle Gerrans

Patsi is a fantastic Yoga teacher.  Her classes are calming as she guides and encourages her students through the moves.  Yoga is something that I have wanted to do for years.  I'm so glad I found her.

John Akehurst

I have been attending Patsi's Monday evening session for 18 months, she is a very dedicated knowledgeable teacher, I enjoy every class and continue to learn something new every week.

Louise Walker

Over the years I have tried numerous Yoga classes which I haven't stuck with for various reasons, but I'm glad I found Patsi who I've been with for around 4 years now.  Nice and friendly class, good location and different flows each week.

Julie Searle

Amazing instruction from mojoyoga, Patsi genuinely cares about her clients and is a real expert in her field, the best yoga teacher I have ever had.  It's a pleasure to be taught by her, her lessons are informative, challenging and mindful.

Jane Dahill

This is an extremely enjoyable class.  Patsi takes you clearly through each movement or set of movements, with adaptations for those of us who may be less flexible! You always manage more than you thought you could and leave feeling uplifted.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Dominique Nally

Patsi is a great teacher and I always enjoy her classes.  She is patient and great at explaining what's to be done.  She always gives ideas for different levels and emphasises that we have the freedom to choose based on how we feel on the day.  There's no pressure and it is a hard working but relaxed class.  Everybody is welcoming and very nice.

Melissa Pittam

I've been going to Patsi's yoga classes for several years now.  Her lessons are varied and she is happy to make adaptations to meet everybody's needs.  She gives very clear guidance throughout the practice.  There is always an opportunity to ask questions before and after a session.  Patsi is kind, thoughtful and efficient.  She is the best yoga teacher I've had.

Cathy Butterworth

Patsi has a lovely energy, her passion and knowledge for yoga is clearly evident in her classes.  Her classes cover not just poses but breathing and relaxation.  She explains the postures carefully, gives you lots of options if you need adaptations and gives support and advice to help with positioning.  She creates a lovely, nurturing environment and I feel I will grow much more confident in my yoga practice under her guidance.

Christine Scott

As a complete beginner to yoga, I thoroughly enjoyed my first class so much I now go every week and love it and Patsi is such a great teacher. Would definitely recommend her.

Danielle Mason

I have taken Yoga classes with Patsi for a couple of years and can highly recommend her as a teacher. Every class is different and she makes a real effort to tailor classes to all participants levels. Always giving modifications for beginners/advanced/injuries. I really enjoy the balance between meditation and the exertion of the poses.

Elizabeth Fletcher

Having started yoga as a complete beginner Patsi has made it really enjoyable. She is very patient and encouraging and adapts poses for our needs. I am so glad that I decided to try something new. I would highly recommend Patsi as a teacher.

Pam Butters

Fantastic for the mind and body and Patsi is an excellent instructor

Chris Jackson

Who thought I would enjoy yoga? I’m just an ordinary 70 year old guy, tried it, loved it!

Never pushed too far, just An hour of healthy, peaceful 'me time’ try it, you won’t regret it!

Jasma Patel

I was introduced to Patsi one weekend and I can honestly say that it was true 'karma'; we were meant to meet. Having enjoyed weekly Yoga for over 5 years prior to a horrid cancer diagnosis; the chemo treatment meant that I was left with serious neuropathy (where the nerves are killed or seriously damaged from the bodies extremities) and was unable to walk.

So I took up 1:1 yoga sessions with Patsi Bucknall and have not looked back. Patsi has built my body strength up slowly but gradually. The 1:1 sessions are perfect as Patsi has provided a personalised programme which allows Patsi to see how I practise and help me improve. Each week I get stronger and better at Yoga.

I particularly enjoy the meditative ends to our session - perfect for recharging the mind.

I'm now looking forward to the group sessions in Woking. Thank you so much Patsi.

Elaine Bass

So enjoying my 1:1 yoga sessions with Patsi. Initially a complete yoga novice, under Patsi’s patient guidance, I now feel stronger, am gaining flexibility weekly and my posture is improving. I am able to take the practise into my daily life which is good for my mindfulness, helps with day to day life and stresses and most importantly my sleep. I’ve learnt so much and can’t recommend Patsi highly enough. I am so glad I have discovered yoga through Patsi - definitely my best decision this year!

Neil Sawford

Patsi runs a great class with men and women of various ages. Great for beginners with a later more advanced class. I have been attending for a few months now and already feeling the benefits.

Chrissi Twitchen

Fantastic friendly classes with a knowledgable and dedicated teacher.

I can’t praise Patsi highly enough for helping me return to practice after an injury.

Rosey Elson

1:1 Yoga Classes with Patsi have been the best thing outside of therapy I’ve done for my mental health and with the added bonus of improving my physical health at the same time.

Due to lifelong anxiety and PTSD I was more apprehensive then most about my first, absolute beginner, session but by the end of the hour, with the help of Patsi’s calm and genuinely compassionate nature I felt completely safe and relaxed (which is an extremely rare thing for me!). She took the time over many sessions to slowly introduce physical corrections as I'm not used to human contact.

Patsi gently encourages you with clear, easy to follow instructions and I always feel like I've learnt and achieved something new each week.

I have experienced a great deal of healing from starting yoga. By safely starting to connect with my body and learning to breathe more deeply I have been able to bring my mind and body into a more balanced place. The gentle movement of my body in a safe place has helped to release trapped memories and emotions, aiding me further in my recovery.

My favorite part of every session is savasana at the end, to fully feel myself relax is a rare treat and I always feel a bit spoiled with blankets, eye pillows and essential oils. It's like I’ve pressed the reset button on my whole self when I come out of a session.

The room is bright and open with everything prepared before I arrive. There's plenty of space for 3 people to practice. Patsi is very quick to answer emails and will happily take the time to answer any questions no matter how small (or anxiety fuelled!)

I feel very thankful to get to practice yoga with Patsi, I couldn't recommend her enough, she really knows her stuff!


Michelle Scholey

I would highly recommend Patsi/Mojoyoga, I go to her class in Littlehampton it is gentle and challenging at the same time and Patsi encourages working within your own practice, brilliant.

Jackie Samuel

Having never done yoga before, I was a bit apprehensive, but Patsi is great, I could not ask for a better instructor! She is very clear and explains what you are trying to achieve. Patsi is very patient and will spend time making sure you are getting the postures right. Classes are small and friendly and we always have a lovely relaxation at the end!

Pat O'Brien

Love my Monday class with Patsi. Very patient lovely lady. Very Knowledgable learning so much

Amanda Jennings

Can't say enough good things about Patsi and her yoga class. Not only is she knowledgeable, patient, warm and friendly. She lets you work to your own level, correcting you and helping/advising you when needed. I would recommend this yoga class.

Francesca Wales

Thank you Patsi for reintroducing me to yoga. The classes are very enjoyable and no two are the same. I always feel refreshed and envigorated after each session. The class sizes are small and you are able to spend time with each of us, correcting our postures. You are very patient and encouraging; and I look forward to your Thursday evening classes.

Pauline Palmer

Patsi’s lessons are great! We both look forward to our Thursday session. Patsi guides you through moves with skill and patience and we always end up feeling both energised and relaxed at the end of the lesson.

Don Wales

I thoroughly recommend Patsi's classes, she is so patient and takes time to show beginners the correct position and posture, an excellent teacher always look forward to the next class!

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